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A digital token, backed by gold. Refined and stored in Switzerland.

One token = One gram of gold

The simplest way to own, transfer, sell or buy gold, safely.

Download SGT

iOS - Androïd

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Swiss Gold Token

SGT is a digital asset. Each token is backed by one fine gram of 999.9 Swiss Refined LBMA certified gold. Stored in Switzerland in first class Institutions. 100% insured.

By owning SGT, you own the underlying physical gold. 

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Why SGT ?



Purchase, transfer, sell gold simply, anytime and to anyone. 

ERC-20 compatible, available on Ethereum.

Download the SGT app and access your wallet to store your gold tokens: 
iOS - Androïd

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Token owners can redeem the physical gold from our high security Swiss vaults anytime or ask for gold to be delivered safely to the owners address.

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Low fees

Among the lowest transaction fees for physical gold.

Costs are clear and easy to evaluate, no hidden costs or extra fees.
Daily best market value

Free Custody

5% purchase fee

0,2% transaction fee

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CHF denominated

Swiss Gold Token is denominated in Swiss Francs, among the most stable and reliable currencies for value preservation.

Stock Exchange

100% Insured

Swiss Gold Token is insured with Lloyd's of London with an All Risk policy

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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